Monday, July 21, 2014

Video log: Turn Poison into Medicine: Real + True conversations: from The Woods

Dear Creative Travelers, 

In the spirit of {REVEALING}: in the midst of vulnerability: i am here : with all my flaws : sharing a new video series of sorts: Into the Woods: real + true conversations / confessions / stories : collected in the woods. Theres a little backstory, or just skip straight to the video!

A little backstory: During my initial filming for {Legend of You} I went deep into the woods & discovered an injured tree. Knowing it had something to say : I took some footage. Not long after : this footage (along with all the ones for L.O.Y) were destroyed. I sat inside this injury + heartache. Hours upon hours, months upon months, moon upon moon, so much of my work: lost in shadows of the Wild Wind. This tree though.... firmly rooted : just kept popping up & calling me back to it. After wallowing good and proper I went back to collaborate with my love :: our aim was to very loosely, very truly, wander and be real, not knowing what would transpire. . . In the end, the Soul of this glorious tree reflected back the aspects of many stories. . . and the ability to come back twice as strong : {to turn poison into medicine}. 

Without further ado, our first {Into the Woods} adventure::

Into the Woods : a series of real + true conversations / confessions from carissa paige on Vimeo.

BIG thanks to DJ Williams of for being such an oracle. 


  1. I loved the video....especially the backward ending. Cool!!

  2. You blog stirs my mind up, lovely!


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